Starting Our Adventure As Digital Nomads

It’s 10am in the morning, and we are enjoying a coffee with a beautiful view of the beach in Sanur, Bali while we work.

This was the best decision ever! we keep telling ourselves with a big smile in our face.

Bali is our first stop in our new digital-nomad life.

Almost 3 months ago, we sold all the furniture, gave away a lot of clothe, got out of our apartment in Mexico and went back to our hometown in Guatemala to visit our families and leave a couple of boxes at our parents house.

Now, all we have to travel and work remotely for a year around Asia and Oceania, is inside two 55-liter backpacks.

Once we decided it was time to make our plan official, everyone was ecstatic, “It’s the best plan ever”, “I wish I had done it at your age”, “I want to do it”. We were so happy to hear so much support, of course we got some “Are you crazy”, “Are you millionaires or what?”, (I wished) “Are you sure, you have a great career in front of you”. 

We were 100% sure!!!

It was not a decision we made overnight. It’s something we have been talking for almost 4 years.

It all started one day after a very tough week at work, I couldn’t take it anymore so I started crying from frustration. I told my boyfriend (now my husband): “I have everything I’ve always wanted, but still I feel something is missing, but I don’t know what it is”.

I decided I had to find an initial response, so I asked for a vacation day and I spent all day doing exercises to define my personal vision, my goals and my bucketlist. It was then when I realized I had a great passion for traveling and adventures. This was the main reason why I joined a multinational company; I wanted to move around the world and get to know different cultures.

At that time I realized that if I stayed in the company, I could have the opportunity to move to other countries, but that would be every 4 years, with luck, and seeing that we are not getting any younger every year, why wait so long?

So we decided that the best way to follow our dream of traveling, learning from other cultures and identifying business opportunities in the world, was to become  digital nomads.

We knew it was not going to be easy, but it was not impossible.

Today, it’s  been 4 months since I quit my job, sold everything we had in Mexico, returned to Guatemala to see our families, packed our backpacks and bought a one-way ticket to Bali.

Now, we have now enjoyed almost 3 weeks of coconuts on the beach and delicious coffees while we work.

Of course, I still can’t say I have my future figured out, but hey, in reality, it will never be.

I’ve come to understand that life, is an ongoing experience, and there is nothing written. We have to decide how we want it to be.

There are some lessons we’ve learned so far:

  • We must get out  of our comfort zone to learn more about oneself and what one is capable of doing and achieving.
  • Every day is important; we must remember that we only have one life and every time you leave your wishes for the next day, you have already lost one day that you will NEVER get back.
  • No one should tell us what we can and can’t do, we are the captain of our own ship, and the captain decides where to navigate to and what direction to carry.
  • There is no easy path worth taking. If it’s easy, then you’re not doing your best.
  • Define what makes YOU happy. Life is not measured by the amount of zeros in the bank account. What is the use of having a lot of money if we do not know what to do with it? With a clear definition of what makes us happy, we can focus on the moments and experiences that matter.
  • Stop doubting yourself. The fear of failing or being wrong paralyzes us from exploring and learning. Nobody is perfect!

Now ask yourself, is there something that you desire to do but haven’t done for one reason or another?

Don’t think about it anymore, DO IT.

You don’t want to reach a point in your life when you ask yourself, “how would my life have been if…”. Better try it and then you can say “I tried it and it was the best decision ever” or “I tried it and it was not what I expected, I’m much better now”.

Follow our adventures in our Facebook and Instagram account aworthwhilestory. Bali is just our first stop, who knows where this story will take us next!


I wish you a life full of happiness!