Finding Your Voice

Well… I want to start by saying I’m sorry.


In my previous post I mentioned I was facing my fear of writing, I did manage to do for that post, but then I didn’t follow in writing more.




Well in reality because every time I sat in front of the computer to write I would think:

What can I write that hasn’t been written before?


There are thousand of bloggers, writers, leaders, and a lot of public figures writing and inspiring the world.

Additionally, it isn’t natural for me to write.

The times when I have written the most where to send a work email with plans and recommendations. They were very structured, clear and to the point, no emotions.


So every time I wanted to write, I was like,

Time for bullet points:

  • Research
  • Facts
  • Recommendation


With this structured thinking, no ideas came to my mind, so I just stared at the blank paper with no words.


So frustrating!


I walked away from corporate to explore, to test, to do soul searching.

And there I was trying to still write in my old habit – formal way.

I was trying to get different outcomes by using the same formula than before.


It ain’t gonna work!


Marie Forleo always says

The world needs that special gift that only you have.

Your uniqueness, your voice, your learnings, your failures, your friends, your experiences… they are unique.


So now, I have decided to let go of formality and bring out my true-self.

My accelerated, passionate, determined, intense, active, geeky, caring, happy, obsessive learner self.



I hope that I can be a little bit more fluent sharing my thoughts and learnings in hope that it delivers a little bit of joy and inspiration.


PS: since I love doing summaries of what I read (I know, so geek), I will share them under the READS label. This way not only my notebook gets the benefits 😛